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    Event Day

    How physically fit do teams need to be to complete RUSH?

    RUSH combines a variety of physical, intellectual, exciting and humorous activities at the Checkpoint Challenges. Most of the physical demands of RUSH will be associated with traveling between Checkpoints - some teams run, some walk and others are strategic in their route planning to utilize as much public transit as possible.

    How good should our team's knowledge of Metro Vancouver be?

    Having a good knowledge of the city is a benefit but is not essential - the items teams choose to bring with them (i.e. a map) and their ability to learn on the run will also be significant factors in being a successful team during RUSH.

    Does our team need to follow a specific course when completing RUSH?

    There is no specific route to follow - there will be a predetermined number of Checkpoints Challenges each team must complete and there may be Checkpoints that are required but there is no set route to follow. Teams will receive a Road Map with clues that will help them to decipher the location of the Checkpoint Challenges and use that information to map out their route any way they like.

    What time does the event start?

    Teams are asked to arrive at the start line location at 9AM.

    Where is the start line?

    Our start and finish line is at Big Rock Urban.

    Where is the finish line?

    The finish line will be in the same location as the start line.

    Will there be parking allocated for RUSH participants?

    Seeing as teams will be using public transit throughout the event, we encourage everyone to use public transit to get to and from the start line.

    How does my team find Checkpoint Challenge locations?

    Each team will be provided with a clue sheet that they must decipher in order to locate the Checkpoint locations.

    What happens if there is a line up at a Checkpoint location?

    With a number of teams loose in the city, line ups are inevitable. Plan your route carefully and remember that you can always move on to the next Checkpoint if the line seems too long. OR earn a Gold RUSH Pass by raising $1500, or win one in one of our contests. This allows you to skip the line at any checkpoint. 

    What happens if my team is unable to find a Checkpoint location?

    Keep looking and be resourceful (i.e. ask other teams for support) or move on to another Checkpoint.

    What happens if my team is unable to complete RUSH?

    RUSH course is open for 6 hours - if your team is unable to complete the course within the time limit, head on down to the after party!

    **Remember: only teams who complete the course together and within the time limit with the correct number of Checkpoint Challenge Seals will have their place recorded.

    Is there a time limit?

    Yes - RUSH course is only open for 6 hours.

    What happens if my team is unable to complete RUSH within the time limit?

    RUSH course is open for 6 hours - if your team is unable to complete the course within the time limit, head down to the after party at Big Rock Urban!

    **Remember only teams who complete the course together and within the time limit with the correct number of Checkpoint Challenge Seals will have their place recorded.

    Will my team be required to eat anything gross or do anything dangerous?

    Anything is possible during RUSH - but the choice to complete a Checkpoint Challenge is up to your team. If you find a Challenge too difficult or undesirable you have the option of moving on to another location.

    What should my team bring on event day?

    It is up to you what you choose to bring with you to help you complete RUSH (maps, pens, paper...) but you should keep in mind that you will be running, walking and taking public transit while racing to find your next Checkpoint location.

    **It is wise to bring a snack and some water as there will be no water stations or lunch provided during RUSH. Food is available for purchase at the After Party.

    How long will it take to complete RUSH?

    We expect that most teams will finish within 3-6 hours.

    Is there a place for my team to store our belongings during RUSH?

    No - you should pack only what you will need to complete the event. Leave everything else at home or in your car.

    What if one teammate finds out they will be unable to complete RUSH prior to event day?

    Try to find another teammate - connect with people in the RUSH community on Facebook and Twitter.

    What should we wear?

    Wear whatever you feel comfortable completing a race and urban scavenger hunt in - sneakers and shorts are recommended BUT teams should be prepared for inclement weather! Remember teams MUST wear their event t-shirts (visibly) at all times!

    Do teams receive anything on event day?

    Everyone will receive an event t-shirt (which MUST be worn at all tims during RUSH), a bus pass, Road Map with clues to deciphering the location of each Checkpoint Challenge and passport for Checkpoint Challenge Seals.

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    Fundraising & Registration

    What does it cost to participate in the RUSH?

    The cost is $40/team for fundraisers and $150/team (with price increases) for participants. Find out the current price by visiting here

    What is the difference between fundraisers and participants? 

    Fundraisers pay $40/team but are required to raise a minimum $300 to participate in the event. Being a fundraiser, your team will be entered in to win race incentives and special draws. Race incentives and draws will be announced soon! 

    Participants do not have to fundraise, but will pay a higher fee to participate in the event. Participant fees start at $150/team and will increase on May 1st and June 1st. These teams are not eligible for race incentives or draws. 

    Can I switch from a fundraiser to a participant? 

    No, you cannot switch from a fundraiser to a participant after you have registered. Once you have committed, your team must raise a minimum of $300. We offer many tips throughout the year to help you fundraise for the event. Check out the page here.

    Do you want some more support to fundraise? No problem, just email us at and we'll help you reach your goal! 

    What is the fundraising minimum to participate in RUSH?

    If you choose the option of being a fundraiser, each team is required to fundraise a minimum of $300 in donations on or before event day in order to participate in RUSH.

    What if all of my team's fundraising has been done online - how will you know if we have hit the $300 minimum?

    No problem. We will have a record of all online donations when you register.

    Does each teammate have to raise $150?

    Technically one teammate could raise all of the money or two thirds or whatever proportion they would like. It is up to your team to decide how they would like to share the fundraising duties.

    **Don't forget the more money your team fundraises means more incentive prizes and more money going toward vital lung health research, programs and education!

    What is a personal fundraising page?

    When you register we set each team member up with a personal webpage where you can manage your donations and track your fundraising progress. It allows you to send a link to potential donors and they can donate immediately online. Additionally each team will have a team page where donors can see the team totals and goals for the event.

    Do we have to use the personal fundraising pages?

    Nope. It will automatically be created for you, but you don't have to use it. Anyone wishing to donate to your fundraising efforts will be able to view your page even if you don't personalize it.

    Can I change the fundraising honour roll?

    Sure. Call us at 604.731.5864 or send an email with the modified information to and we'll make the change through our end.

    If a donor wishes to donate by cheque, who should they make the cheque payable to?

    Please make all cheques payable to the BC Lung Association.

    Is there a minimum donation required to receive a tax receipt?

    Nope. Tax receipts will be issued for every single contribution. Online donations will automatically be sent a tax receipt by email immediately. All other donations must be accurately recorded by you on your pledge sheet and handed in to us at the end of the fundraising period. We will mail out tax receipts to everyone listed on your sheet in the amount of their donation.

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    What does the winning team receive?

    The winning team receives a TRIP FOR TWO AROUND THE WORLD plus FREE entry into next year's event (and bragging rights)!

    Are there prizes for teams that place in the top 3?

    Yes - and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams all receive FREE entry into the following year's event!

    What does the top fundraising team receive?

    The top fundraising team will get an awesome prize... that will be announced shortly!

    Is there a prize for top individual fundraiser?

    No - because this is a team event we encourage teamwork and award prizes based on team efforts!

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    Rules & Regulations

    Can a person register if they do not have a teammate?

    Yes - as long as you pay your non-refundable registration fee. However RUSH is a team event and you MUST have a teammate on or before event day in order to participate.

    If you are having difficulty finding a teammate, connect with people in the RUSH community on Facebook and Twitter..

    How many teams take part in RUSH?

    We cannot anticipate how many teams will register, but there is a 250 team limit to this year's event.

    Is there an age restriction?

    Yes - both teammates must turn 16 years of age on or before event day. In addition, those under 19 must have a parent or legal guardian's signature to complete the waiver.

    Can a team be two males or two females?

    Yes - there are no restrictions on team composition (as long as both members are human!).

    Are teams able to use a car or taxi during RUSH?

    No - the use of any mode of transportation other than foot and public transit is against the Rules & Regulations. Any exceptions to this will be outlined prior to the event.

    Are teams able to use rollerblades, skateboards or other wheeled transportation devices during RUSH?

    No - the use of any mode of transport other than foot and public transit is against Rules & Regulations. Any exceptions to this will be outlined prior to the event.

    How will RUSH organizers know if teams use prohibited forms of transportation?

    RUSH Officials are scattered throughout the course, as well as numerous staff and volunteers - and let's not forget this is a race and another team would be more than happy to turn in a team that cheats in order to increase their own chances of wining the trip for two around the world!

    If your team is caught using prohibited modes of transportation, you could be disqualified!

    Can the registration fee be refunded?

    No - the registration fee is non-refundable. We do have a strict deferral policy for teams unable to participate. Please visit the Rules & Regulations for complete details surrounding or refund and transfer policy. 

    For a list of other eligibility restrictions please read the Rules & Regulations.

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