Fundraising Tips
Need ideas for fundraising? Not to worry, we're here to help! Take a look at our fundraising tools to help kick-start your efforts.


Your Personalized Webpage

Each participant receives their very own fundraising webpage upon registering for the event. Your fundraising page can be personalized with a photo and message to your donors. Donors can easily search your name from the main Home page on the event website to donate to your page. You can also forward your donors the URL of your fundraising page. The system instantly generates an automatic thank-you and .pdf tax receipt. For instructions on how to access your fundraising page and Particpant Center, please see the Participant Center User Guide

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Some Tips to Get You Started

  • Start early!  The earlier you start, the more time you have to reach your fundraising goal.  You can get that awkward first donation out of the way by making a contribution to yourself.  This not only eliminates the intimidation of the blank pledge sheet, it also shows people you are serious about supporting the cause.
  • Give something in return Use your talents to give something back to your supporters.  Have a bake sale, craft sale or contract out your computer expertise.  Have a 50/50 draw, raffle off the incentive prizes you earn, or hold a garage sale! 
  • Tweet it, Share it, Upload it!  The golden rule of fundraising is that you won't receive if you don't ask.  Connect with possible donors through social media.  Upload your Personal Page URL onto your Facebook page, tweet the link or upload our social media images and let them know the commitment you've made! 
  • Don't forget to think corporate Ask the businesses you frequent to support you and check out the sponsorship programs offered by your employer - such as Matching Donor Gifts!


Want even more help? Check out our Fundraising Handbook for all sorts of tips and ideas on how best to fundraise and utilize your fundraising page!

Please note that all online donations automatically receive a tax receipt via email. 



Here are our top tips to kick your fundraising into high gear!

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