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    How do I register?

    •  Registration is easy!  Do it online by visiting our Stairclimb website If you want to do it old-school, print off a registration form here and fax it back to us! 


    I forgot my username and password


    How do I login to Participant Center?

    • Take a look at our Quick Set Up Guide for more information on the awesome features of Participant Center.


    What are the different participant categories and registration fees?

    *Please note registration fees are not tax-deductible, non-refundable, and does not count towards the $125 fundraising minimum.


    When is the registration deadline?

    • Online registration will be open until noon on Friday, February 16th 


    Is there a minimum number of people required in order to create a team?

    • Yes.  Teams in all categories must have 4+ people.


    What is a Personal Page?

    • When you register we set you up with a personal webpage where you can manage your donations and progress. It allows you to send a link to potential donors and they can donate immediately online.


    Do I have to use my personal page?

    • Nope. It will automatically be created it for you, but you don’t have to use it. Anyone wishing to donate to your fundraising efforts will be able to view your page even if you don’t personalize it.

    Can children participate?

    • Yes.  Minors under 16 will need the Waiver and Release of Liability signed by their legal guardian and will need to have a guardian with them at the event. Please remember: ALL registrants must raise at least $125 to participate.  



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    Fundraising & Donations 


    Is there a fundraising minimum? 

    • Yes. Each climber is required to raise at least $125. If you don’t raise the minimum amount you won’t be able to participate. When you register you are given everything you need to help you fundraise, including your own personal webpage. We are here to help you every step of the way! 


     What if I have done all my fundraising online? 

    • No problem. We will have record of it on event day.


    Does each person on a team have to raise $125? 

    • YES. We can average the fundraising upon request, so as long as the team has raised $125 average per person. So, a team of 4 must raise a minimum of $500 in order to participate.


    Can I change a name on the Fundraising Honour Roll?

    • Sure. Call us at 604-731-5864 or send an email with the modified information to and we’ll make the adjustment on our end.


    Can I mail in a donation?

    • Absolutely! Send a cheque (please do not mail cash) and include the your name and climber number to:

    BC Lung Association
    2675 Oak St
    Vancouver, BC V6H 2K2  


    When is the donation deadline?

    • You must have your fundraising minimum of $125 by event day, but you can continue fundraising until March 18th, 2018 to earn fantastic incentive prizes. 


    Are donations transferable or refundable?

    • YES. Please contact our office at 604-731-5864. 


    Will donors receive tax receipts?

    • YES. Online donors automatically receive an email receipt. Donations collected in person will be receipted by the participant upon request.


    Is there a donation minimum? 

    • No, we accept AND receipt donations of any amount! 


    Can I donate online? 

    • Yes. To make a donation, simply click here to search for the participant you would like to sponsor.


     Will my credit card information be secure?

    • Yes. We use SSL technology to protect all your credit card and personal information. Credit card numbers are not stored in our database.


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    Event Day


    When and where can I pick up my race package?

    • You pick up your race package & timing chip and drop off any donations at registration on event day.


    Can I pick up my teammate’s race package?

    • Yes. But only if they have submitted their $125 fundraising minimum.


    I’m not sure I will be able to complete the Climb at my fitness level. Is this event just for the athletic and climbing elite?  

    • All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged!  Depending on your fitness level the stairclimb can be done in within 8 - 20 minutes. All 


    Can I practice in the stairwell at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel?

    • No. We cannot allow participants in the stairwell prior to the event due to security reasons


    What time does the event start and when should I be there? 

    • The event starts around 8:30am. A more detailed timeline will be available closer to the event.  You should be there at least 30 minutes before your start time to register. We recommend coming early to check out all the action. 


    Can friends and family come to watch me Climb?

    • Yes. Come check it out and cheer on the climbers! If you are a participant, invite your friends and family to cheer you on and watch you on the big screen monitors in the ballroom!


    Is there coat check or safe place to keep my stuff while I do the climb?

    • YES. There is a free gear check located in the ballroom.


    How will the event be timed?

    • At registration you’ll be given a ChampionChip timing chip to wear on your ankle. They are read at the start of the race and at the end!


    Where can I see the official times? 

    • Official times will be emailed to you the morning after the Climb.


    Is there parking at the event?

    • YES. There is a $9 flat rate. Make sure to mention Climb the Wall! 

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    What positions are available for volunteers?


    How do I sign up as a volunteer?

    • Signing up is easy! Just click here and fill out our short questionnaire.  

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