Offline Donations 

All registered participants have access to their own Participant Center where you can easily manage and monitor all your online donations. For any offline donations such as cheques and cash, please do the following:


1)  Mail all cheques with accompanying Donation Record Form (for tax receipting purposes) to:

ATTN: Climb the Wall 

BC Lung Association
2675 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC
V6H 2K2

Alternatively, you may also turn in your cheques in person at the office or on event day.


 2) All CASH donations must be submitted on event day or dropped off at the office. Please do not mail in cash. For tax receipt purposes, you may also complete a Donation Record Form

3)  Calling the BC Lung Association office at 604.731.5864 and donating the funds via credit card. Tax receipts will be automatically emailed to donors once their credit cards have been processed and entered into the system.