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Use this year’s official Brochure/Poster to help you with your recruitment and fundraising efforts! Help us create awareness for lung disease and promote the event! At the BC Lung Association, we adopt a green and no-paper policy. We recommend sharing these materials online, through social media or by email.  


Registration Form

Please return completed registration forms via email at or fax it to 604-731.5810.  Once the BC Lung office has received the registration form, we will register the participant online. The registered participant will receive his or her Username and Login information to their fundraising account via email. 


Participant Center User Guide

New to hosting your own fundraising page? Unfamiliar with the new website? Don't know where to login? This User Guide provides detailed instructions on how to login in, access your account, communicate with your teammates and send emails to your donors! Read through the Participant Center manual to help you personalize your fundraising page and jumpstart your campaign! 


Fundraising Handbook

Whether you're a seasoned-pro, or new to fundraising, from coming up with a strategy plan, to raising dollars at the work place or hosting a community event – the Fundraising Handbook will provide you with all that you need to know to maximize your fundraising efforts! 


Donation Record Form

Please print and use the Donation Record Form for submitting offline donations. Filling out a Donation Record form will ensure your donors  a tax receipt. You can find more information on submitting offline donations here.

Single Donation Form


Bike Inspection Checklist

No one likes a flat tire or a broken spoke during their ride! We ask that every Trekker participating get their bike inspected by a mechanic. Please email your completed form to by August 25th, 2017.


Trek 2017 Weekend Handbook

This is your guide to Trek including, a detailed itinerary, packing list, and safety tips. 


Route Map

Our official route maps and GPS coordinates.  

Day 1 & GPS
Day 2 & GPS