How do I register for the Bicycle Trek for Life and Breath online?

You may register as an individual, as team captain, or join a team online here. You will be guided through the registration process. Once your transaction is complete,  you will receive a confirmation email with your receipt, and Login Username & Password.

Can friends and family make a donation to a participant by clicking through the main website?

Yes, donors can easily search participants on the Home page by searching for the participant's first or last name. Donors can also click the "DONATE: to make a difference" button to search for a participant.


Do I need to be an experienced cyclist to ride in the Bicycle Trek?

Trek is not a race, and is designed for people of all ages and skill levels. Make sure to check the Training page for information and tips.


How much do I need to fundraise to participate in the Bicycle Trek for Life and Breath? 

Each registered Breve Giro participant (or "Trekker") must fundriase a minimum of $400.  Epico Giro participants must fundraise at least $600.


Do I need to reach the fundraising minimum if I am part of a team?

Even if you are a part of a team, each teammate must meet the fundraising minimum in their category (Breve - $400, Epico - $600). But remember, if you make a team, you will have an automatic Team Fundraising Page and general account made for you. Any funds raised as a team and deposited in your general account can be re-allocated to any teammate's individual fundraising amount.


Is a portion of the registration fee a donation?

No, the registration fee does not apply to the minimum fundraising amount.


Where can I find a Route Map?

We're working on it! Once the all the rest stop locations are finalized, you can find the map on our  Material and Forms page.


How long are the routes?

The Epico Giro route is 200km. You will be riding 100km on Day 1 and another 100km on Day 2. The Breve Giro route is 100km to Stillwood Camp (rides TBA).


Where does the route officially begin and end?

The weekend officially begins and ends at Hazelmere RV Park and Campground in South Surrey, just east of White Rock. Leaving the startline at 8:30am, you will spend Day 1 riding from Hazelmere Campground to Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre, located near Cultus Lake by Lindell Beach. Once there, you will stay overnight. On Day 2, you will be riding from Stillwood Camp back to Hazelmere Campgrounds on a slightly different route.


Where do I sign in on event day?

You may sign in at the Registration Tent on either the Friday, September 8th at the Pre-event BBQ (5:00pm - 8:00pm) to avoid the long Saturday line ups. Or, come early on event day September 9th when registration opens at 7:00am (closing at 8:30am).


What are the sleeping arrangements for the weekend?

You have the option of sleeping in one of the single-sex dormitories (cabin accommodations) available at Stillwood Campgrounds, or if you prefer, sleeping in your own tent on the grounds.


How will I know where I'm sleeping or which cabin I have been assigned to at the end of Day 1?

All Trekkers are led to the arrival desk at the end of their Day 1 route where they will be given their bunking information, able to lock/store their bikes and receive their wristband for dinner.


What signs should I follow when on the route? 

On Day 1 all riders must follow the RED route signs. On Day 2, riders must follow the BLUE route signs.


What should I bring for the weekend? 

Please refer to the Weekend Handbook (to be uploaded) for a list of things to bring.  


I forgot my Username and Password.

Please visit the Login page and select (at the bottom) "Email me my login information" or email the Special Events team at trek@bc.lung.ca.


Will I be given an online Personal Fundraising Page?

All registered participants will receive an automatic Personal Fundraising Page and Participant Center account where they can track their donations, send emails to potential donors, print out tax receipts and more!


How do donors obtain their tax receipts?

All donors will be emailed an automatic tax receipt upon donating online. 


What do I do with my offline donations?

For offline donations, such as cheques and cash, they can be dropped off in-person at the BC Lung Office (2675 Oak St., Vancouver, BC) or handed in to a BC Lung staff at the Registration Tent on event day. All cheques and cash donations should be accompanied with a Donation Record Form (for tax receipt purposes). Do NOT MAIL in cash to the BC Lung Office.

You may only mail in cheques. Once a BC Lung staff has received your donations, we will deposit and process the donation for you and ensure your account is updated. Your donors will receive a tax receipt (via mail or email). For more information on offline donations, visit here.


I have questions about my Participant Center such as changing my personal fundraising goal, uploading a photo to my Personal Fundraising Page, changing my team name, editing my team page content, looking at my team roster, communicating with my donors, pulling a donor tax receipt and so forth. 

Please read the Participant Center User Guide for any questions relating to your Personal Fundraising Page and Participant Center account. For any questions not covered in the User Guide, please do not hestiate to contact the Special Events Team at trek@bc.lung.ca or 604.731.5864.