By taking on the role of captain, you are taking even greater action in the fight against lung disease!

Captains play a vital role when it comes to fundraising or leading a team. Your teammates will look to you for leadership when it comes to recruitment, fundraising and keeping motivatedThis page will serve as your go-to resource while providing you with all that you need to lead an entire team both on and off your bike! 

Want to speak with someone directly? That’s what we’re here for. Contact Special Events Coordinator Marissa at or call 604.731.5864. We are always excited to share success stories, offer fundraising ideas and provide encouragement along the way! 




There is no limit to how big your team can be and recruiting a new team member can be easier than you think! 

5 Simple Ways to Recruit:

 1.  Update your Team Page

  • Personalize your Team Page with images from past rides, team gatherings, or other fundraising events. Introduce your team and share your story or reasons for riding! You can check out the Participant Center User Guide step-by-step instructions on how to spruce up your Team Page!

 2.  Simply ASK!

  • One of the easiest things you can do is ask. Don’t be shy – ask your friends, family, coworkers, neighbours, hair stylist, doctor etc. It might surprise you how many other like-minded cyclists in your immediate vicinity would like to join your team and the cause! After 30 years of planning this event, we still find word of the mouth the most efficient way to recruit riders.

3.  Get Social

4.  Send Out an Email

  • Your Participant Center account will allow you to do this with email templates provided! Feel free to personalize the templates to include why you are joining the Bicycle Trek and why others should as well – make sure you include a registration link too! To find out more about using your Participant Center, please refer to the Participant Center User Guide.

5.  Use your Work Networks

  • Recruit your president or CEO, and ask him or her to help you spread the word. Consider displaying event flyers throughout your office or in the lunch room. If you would like to request flyers, please email You could even try placing an article in your company newsletter or send a company-wide email –just make sure to ask permission from your HR department before sending.


There are even more resources on our recruitment page




Register your Team Online

  • Send reminders to your teammates to register online! Remember, the earlier they register, the earlier they can start their fundraising campaign!

Recruit a Co-captain 

  • To help you with your captain responsibilities, try recruiting your right hand man (or woman) - someone you can rely on to help you spearhead your team to success!

Set your Team Fundraising Goal

  • Having something to aim for always helps. Most captains will set their team fundraising goal to inspire themselves and their donors. And 9 times out of 10 you’ll end up doing better than you originally thought - so aim high! Don’t forget, you can always go back and change your goal as you start to see the fundraising dollars come in. On how to edit your team fundraising goal on your team page, please see the Participant Center User Guide

Create a List

  • Put together a list of friends, family, co-workers, work out buddies etc… ALL which are potential donors. Think creatively here. Do you have neighbours, doctors, sports club members that might support you for example? Remember, it doesn’t hurt to ask so build the biggest list you can by including everyone you can think of!

Make a Personal Donation 

  • Consider making a personal donation directly to the Bicycle Trek for Life and Breath before you start fundraising. This will show your commitment to the cause and also set a great example for your teammates (and donors) in your fundraising efforts. 

Provide Advice & Remember Your Inspiration

  • There’s a reason why you are captain. Make sure to remember that and bring that same passion and dedication to your fundraising efforts so it will pass on to your teammates. As you go about organizing your team, always take the opportunity showcase your commitment! Keep tabs on your teammates' training and fundraising progress (you can do this easily in your Participant Center). Provide advice and share your personal successes (and struggles)! Let your teammates know you are there for them as captain. Remember, to lead a team is to support a team.

Maintain Communication

  • Send regular email reminders of important deadlines and dates. Help your team keep on track with their training and fundraising efforts by maintaining communication. Send emails, make phone calls or bring up the Bicycle Trek at in-person dinners, meetings, or social outings! Remind your teammates of your team's mutual goals and commitment to fundraise.

Make your Ride Special

  • Dedicate your ride to your loved ones who have been affected by a lung disease or illness. You can honour your ride in their name. This will serve as a great reminder to your team of the bigger picture. It will also motivate them to continue their training and fundraising efforts! And why not dress it up a little? Make your team themed! For example, have your entire team wear bright coloured bandanas, have tattoos, or cool shades. Make your mark as a team and unite in style! 






Get Face to Face

When you’re fundraising, make it a point to ask the friends and family you see on a regular basis to support you by donating. Dinner parties, soccer games, church, family reunions, etc. are all great opportunities to make in person asks. Remember, it’s difficult for people to say “no” if you speak with them in person. 

Make It Personal

People will donate because YOU are asking them to. Simple as that. They like you and respect that you’re supporting a great cause. You have the space on your fundraising web page and in your emails to tell them why you are supporting this cause. Communicate your passion to your friends, family, co-workers and other potential donors. It’s a critical part of your fundraising success.

Matching Gifts

Check with your HR department to find out if they have a MATCHING GIFTS program. This could be a great opportunity to raise additional funds towards your team goal. If one team member doesn’t have a matching gifts program, perhaps another team member does. It’s your job to encourage them to ask.

Follow Up

It’s very common for people to put things off. We all live busy lives and have a lot of other responsibilities on our plates. A little reminder nudge never hurt anyone. If someone has indicated that they want to donate, but hasn’t, don’t hesitate to follow-up with a phone call or reminder email. Especially as the time you have to fundraise for the event runs down. People respond to deadlines!

Send Thank You Notes

It’s a simple thing to do, but also one of the most powerful. Make sure to say thank you to everyone who supported you. Send emails, write personal notes and thank people in person. Do it every opportunity you get.






Fundraising doesn’t have to be a solo activity. Gather your troops for some creative fundraising activities to help you with your team donations! TIP: Make it fun! Collecting donations will come much easier if you and your teammates have a fantastic time doing it!

  • Potluck

Start small! Host a dinner party or potluck with your teammates and invite everyone’s friends and family. This is a great way to ask for donations in person. Logistically, potlucks are also incredibly easy to plan.

  • BBQ

Host a barbecue evening with friends and family as a team. Charge $10 per head and take out $3 per head costs. Donate the profits to the BC Lung Association.

  • Pub Night

Contact your favourite local pub. They will usually be happy to help you out and provide a burger and beer to your supporters for $10 a person. Create tickets for a burger & beer and sell them at $15 each to your friends and at the door. You can also use the tickets for door prizes.


Need more ideas? Check out this year’s Fundraising Handbook for even more advice and fundraising tips! Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact the Special Events team at or call 604.731.5864.