Trek 2016 - Goals for Training

1) Periodization 

Break up training into 3-4 blocks leading up to your goal event. Each block is 3 weeks of training followed by 1 week of recovery. Exercises done during recovery week should only be 50% of your regular intensity! This week is very important as this is when your body actually adapts to your exercises, not during the actual training period. 

2) Use distances as a guideline

By week 3 of your last training block, your training rides should be roughly 3/4 of the distance of your goal event. 

3) Keep track of your progress 

Make sure to evaluate your training sessions. Record how you felt after each ride, especially the ones with long distance. From there, you can adjust your distances accordingly. For example, if doing 3 rides in a row is too difficult, try and reduce 5-10kms. 



Training Calendar

Download the PDF version here