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We want everyone at RUSH: Race & Urban Scavenger Hunt to have fun, be safe, and be able to step out of their comfort zone - all while, supporting a great cause! So participants, PLEASE be respectful and abide by all rules and regulations of the event. The Honour System will be in effect as it pertains to the adherence to the rules and regulations.  RUSH Officials will be present on the race course throughout the day and if a team is caught committing a infraction against the rules and regulations, RUSH Officials have the authority to disqualify any offending team.  


  • Eligibility
  • RUSH
  • Disqualification
  • Terms of Prizes
  • Additional Terms
  • Refunds and Transfers


    To be eligible to participate in RUSH: Race & Urban Scavenger Hunt("RUSH") participant category participants MUST:

    • Be aged 16 years or older on Event Day (**NOTE: If you are udner 19 years of age you MUST have your parent or legal guardian's signature to complete the waiver.)
    • Pay a non-refundable registration fee. 

    To be eligible to participate in RUSH: Race & Urban Scanvenger Hunt ("RUSH") fundraiser category participants MUST:

    • Be aged 16 years or older on Event Day (**NOTE: If you are under 19 years of age you MUST have your parent or legal guardian's signature to complete the waiver.)
    • Pay a non-refundable registration fee 
    • Fundraisers must raise a minimum of $300 in donations per team. 
    • Agree that once they have paid the fundraising fee, they cannot pay the participant fee to participate in RUSH.

    To be eligible to WIN, participants MUST:

    • Have paid the non-refundable registration fee.
    • Fundraisers must have turned in their minimum $300 donation amount.
    • Have signed and returned to the BC Lung Association the Participation, Liability and Publicity Release and Waiver; and
    • Be verified by RUSH Officials as having completed the required number of Checkpoints without having exceeded the 6 hour maximum time limit (race course will be open from 10AM-4PM).

    The following individuals are NOT eligible to win RUSH:

    • Employees of the BC Lung Association or any other Lung Association (either provincial or national) within Canada;
    • Any employees of affiliated or related companies, partners or sponsoring organizations or suppliers of materials and services related to the BC Lung Association, who may be deemed to have confidential knowledge concerning RUSH;
    • Any other individual deemed to have confidential knowledge concerning RUSH;
    • Any immediate family member (defined as spouses, siblings, parents, or children, regardless of where they reside) or member of the household (whether or not related), of such employees or individuals.

    Participants MUST sign and return the Participation, Liability and Publicity Release and Waiver when they pick up their event packages.

    Package pick up is the Thursday and Friday directly preceding event day from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Pick up location: 
    BC Lung Association 
    2675 Oak Street 
    Vancouver, BC 
    V6H 2K2

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    What is RUSH?

    RUSH is a contest of skill, consisting of a series of Checkpoint Challenges ("Checkpoints") which teams must successfully complete. The first team to have both teammates cross the identified official finish line from the intended direction will be declared the winner, subject to completion of the required challenges within the 6 hour time limit, compliance with these Official Rules, and verification by RUSH Officials.

    What happens if more than one team is at a Checkpoint location?

    If more than one team is present at a Checkpoint location at the same time, the teams will complete the Checkpoint in the order in which they arrived. RUSH Officials and/or Checkpoint Volunteers reserve the right to delay a team until the previous team has completed the Checkpoint before allowing the second team to begin.

    What happens if there is a tie for first place?

    In the unlikely event of a tie, RUSH Officials reserve the right to assign a final, tie-breaking challenge to the tied teams and the winner of that challenge will be declared the winner of RUSH.

    Will team rankings be recorded?

    Teams that successfully complete all required Checkpoints and cross the official finish line within the 6 hour time limit will have their official ranking recorded in the order that they crossed the finish line (race course will be open from 10am-4pm). Any teams completing less than the required number of Checkpoints or who do not cross the finish line before the 6 hour time limit will not have their ranking recorded.

    What happens if a team finds a Checkpoint Challenge to be offensive?

    The BC Lung Association is not responsible should the terms of a particular challenge be offensive to the morals, practices or beliefs of a participating team or team member. Failure to participate in a Checkpoint challenge may, in the sole discretion of the BC Lung Association, result in the team or team member being required to complete an alternate challenge.

    During RUSH Participants MUST:

    • Obey all local laws, regulations, bylaws and rules of the road. Participants are solely responsible for their actions and the consequences of those actions during RUSH.
    • Stay within twenty (20) metres of their teammate at all times, unless explicitly instructed otherwise by RUSH Officials.
    • Wear their official RUSH t-shirt ("Shirt") at all times (unless instructed otherwise by RUSH Officials) in such a way that it, and any printing on it, is visible at all times (i.e. additional clothing must be worn under the Shirt; Shirt may not be worn as a bandana, belt, or anything other than as a shirt).
    • Carry valid government issued photo identification at all times.
    • Comply with the directions of RUSH Officials, local authorities, and property and/or venue owners and managers.

    During RUSH participants MAY:

    • Use the general public (with whom there is absolutely no prior connection whatsoever) as a resource during RUSH, provided that such assistance otherwise complies with these Official Rules.
    • Use cellular telephones, computers, Internet-enabled or GPS-enabled devices, or other devices approved by RUSH Officials, during the event.

    During RUSH participants MAY NOT:

    • Pre-arrange or accept help, assistance, support, guidance and/or contributions of any kind from any family member, friend or acquaintance (other than their teammate) who is on RUSH course whether directly or indirectly, during RUSH.
    • Use any private mode of transportation. Teams may not travel in a private vehicle (i.e. accept rides from others), use bicycles, rollerblades, or any other mode of transport. Travel is only permitted by foot or public transit, unless specifically authorized otherwise by RUSH Officials.
    • Engage in unsportsmanlike, prohibited or illegal conduct. Verbal or physical aggression towards the public, local officials, fellow participants, or RUSH Officials, or acts of vandalism, theft, or harassment will not be tolerated, and are subject to penalty at the discretion of RUSH Officials.

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    What counts as grounds for disqualification?

    RUSH Officials reserve the right to disqualify for any reason at any time, at their absolute and sole discretion, any team or team member engaging in, or thought to be engaging in, any conduct that is contrary to these Official Rules or the instructions of RUSH Officials. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, RUSH Officials reserve the right to disqualify any team member or team that appears to RUSH Officials not to be conducting themselves in a safe and sportsmanlike manner. In the event that a single team member is disqualified, his or her team shall be disqualified and forfeit the right to participate further in RUSH or win a prize.

    What happens if one teammate is unable to complete RUSH due to injury or illness?

    In the event of physical injury, sickness, accident or any other incident which may bring into question an individual's ability to safely complete RUSH, RUSH Officials may, in their absolute and sole discretion, disqualify the team. For greater certainty, RUSH Officials reserve the right to disqualify a team, or to cancel, suspend, amend or terminate RUSH at any time, at their sole and absolute discretion, if any factor interferes with the ability of the participants to safely complete RUSH as contemplated by these Official Rules. In the event that a team is disqualified or otherwise unable to complete RUSH, no portion of its entry fee will be refunded.

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    What is the Grand Prize and the conditions surrounding it?

    One (1) Grand Prize will be awarded to the winning team, consisting of a trip for the members of the winning team to a predetermined location or a cheque for the equivalent amount. Actual prize value is $4000 and has been donated by Pfizer Canada Inc. All other expenses related to the Grand Prize, including but not limited to ground transportation, travel insurance, health insurance, airport fees, and personal expenses are the sole responsibility of the winners. Odds of winning RUSH will depend upon the number of teams competing and the skill of the participants.

    Can a prize be exchanged?

    All prizes must be accepted as awarded and cannot be transferred, exchanged or substituted, whether in cash or otherwise.

    What are the conditions surrounding all prizes awarded?

    The winner of any prize further permits the BC Lung Association and/or RUSH sponsors to use the winner's name, City of residence and photograph and/or video image in any publicity or advertising without compensation, and releases the BC Lung Association, RUSH sponsors and their respective agents, officers, directors, employees and representatives from any and all liability, damages, costs, expenses and claims arising out of or related to the awarded Prize.

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    Additional Terms

    What are the additional terms and conditions?

    By participating in RUSH, participants agree to abide by these Official Rules. Entrants who have not complied with these Official Rules are subject to disqualification. The BC Lung Association reserves the right to disqualify any entrant whose character or conduct, if declared to be the winner, could bring the reputation of RUSH, its sponsors or the BC Lung Association into disrepute. The BC Lung Association reserves the right to modify the Official Rules in any way at any time it deems necessary or appropriate without materially affecting the terms and conditions of RUSH.

    Fundraisers are NOT allowed to change categories and pay the participant fee after they have paid the fundraising fee. There are no exceptions. 


    Will there be interruptions during RUSH?

    It is expressly understood that RUSH may be filmed for promotional purposes. In an effort to accommodate the execution/planning/filming of RUSH, it may be necessary for RUSH Officials to (i) augment these Official Rules with verbal or written instructions during RUSH, (ii) delay the start of, or interrupt and restart, any given challenge, or (iii) otherwise amend or intervene in the operation of RUSH. RUSH Officials shall, in their sole and absolute discretion, make every reasonable effort to ensure that, if there is any positive or negative impact to a team's performance caused by such amendments or interventions, such impact will be equally balanced among all teams.

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    Refunds and Transfers

    My can't make the event anymore, can I get a refund? 

    There are no refunds for any registration category for any reason, medical or otherwise. However, we recognize that unofreseen events may occur so we have created a deferral policy. Teams can defer their entry to the following year for $50/team up until June 1st, 2017 at 12:00PM (noon). Please contact 

    My teammate can't make the event, but I want to still participate. Can I bring another friend? 

    Yes! We can substitute a teammate on your team at no additional cost. Please email us ( before June 1st, 2017 at 12:00PM (noon) do facilitate the process. Only one substitution per team is available. 

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